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Chief of Police, Ph.D., Global Leadership, Organizational Leadership

Dr. Conger is a pro! Spot on and of high character, do not hesitate if you need the services she offers.


Manager, Department of Defense, Doctor of Management, Organizational Leadership (Specialization Information Systems and Technology)

You are awesome and your work is excellent. I just want to let you know that with your help, I have completed my chapter 4 and 5 and which has been accepted by my committee. Finally, I had an Oral Defense last week and I made it! I have now successfully completed my Doctoral Degree after 14 years! Thank you so much for your help and support. God bless you!


Business Research Scientist; San Francisco-Oakland-Bay Area, California

AMAZING! Dr. Karen Conger was my godsend (an angel) and incredible-expert support. I received rapid, high-quality service thro analysis and interpretation processes. I truly enjoyed the learning experience and highly recommend her services for scholar-practitioners!

LTC Todd H., U.S. Army, Doctor of Business Administration

I am still sifting through all the documents. Looks great on the surface and I will be sure to contact if I need clarification. This was done with incredible speed! Very impressive.


Chief of Operations and Innovation, Director of Technology, Ed.D.

The report is outstanding! Thank you so much.


Assistant Director, Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Research, Ph.D.

Your final reports were very helpful and clear. Thanks again, I would highly recommend you to anyone doing this line of research!


Auxiliary Studies Program Teacher, Private School, CA. Doctor of Education

Dr. Conger helped me through my coding process and I could not be happier. She was extremely thorough, detailed, and efficient. She was readily available to talk to whenever I needed, prompt to respond to any questions or concerns, and professional in her work. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is stuck in their research coding, or anyone who needs an extra set of eyes on their work. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Conger in the future!


Lead Security and Intelligence Analyst, Department of Defense, Ph.D.

I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation of Dr. Karen Conger. Not only is she professional and easy to work with, but she is also efficient in her work and efforts to provide top quality reports to her clients. Dr. Conger is an expert in qualitative coding analysis using NVivo. Working with her has taught me the basics of understanding the concepts and effectively analyzing and interpreting the data. I will not hesitate to refer my colleagues to her for their qualitative coding projects.


Lead pastor, Ed.D., Nebraska

You are awesome and have helped me immensely. Thank you!


Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Regional healthcare center, Ph.D.

I can tell that I am going to be impressed with the diligence that was used in the coding analysis. Thank you so much for the quality work and quick turnaround!


Doctoral Graduate Student in Higher Education specializing in Administration

Karen is the most efficient and ethical person to work with in helping me succeed in accelerating to finish my doctoral thesis. Her explanation on how coding software works. Her quick turnaround in helping to understand in coding data is remarkable. I would highly recommend her to achieve your specific needs and goal to expedite your doctoral achievement. I owe her quite a bit of gratitude in helping.


Chair, Department of Nursing, Ph.D.

Karen is an outstanding expert consultant with NVivo - I couldn't have completed my PhD without her - she was timely, helpful and made the entire phenomenon of doing qualitative research a pleasure.


Executive V.P, Global Business; Executive Business Doctorate

Thanks so much for your help - it was instrumental in getting me organized quickly and gaining insight into the data.


Senior Associate, National & Homeland Security, Ph.D.

Dr. Conger is at the top of her field with regard to qualitative research analysis, and especially skilled in the use and teaching of NVivo qualitative software. Her ability to expertly analyze and code data enables her to provide in-depth qualitative analysis at levels not normally seen. Her quality feedback is timely and articulated in a professional manner, while simultaneously providing avenues that otherwise would be overlooked. I can give no higher endorsement to those seeking insight, training, or expertise into the use NVivo qualitative research.


Physician Practice Management, Ph.D.

I am speechless. Massive blessings and appreciation. Your work in NVivo is just ‘STELLAR’.


Senior Vice President, University of Phoenix, Doctor of Healthcare Administration

Karen provided a well paced instruction regimen specific to my data for my dissertation. NVivo is not the most intuitive software package and most YouTube videos have bits and pieces missing and do not provide questions and answers. I was able to import my data and perform simple word frequency analysis and that was about it. Karen made the application simple to understand by breaking it down into understandable segments. Coding, categorizing, and queries are relatively simple, but I would have never been able to perform cross referenced reports between Demographic data in Excel and Transcript data. Karen provided a calm learning environment using my own data so I could follow along on screen. For those needing to unleash the power of NVivo without struggling, I recommend Dr. Conger.


Lecturer at University of Newcastle, AU, Ph.D.

Karen provided NVivo assistance for me. At all times she was professional, courteous and patient. Her work was of a very high standard and communication was frequent. The work I requested was compiled very quickly, and I was kept informed throughout the whole process. I would not be able to proceed further in my work without her help. Thank you, Karen, so very much appreciated.


Ed.D., East Tennessee State University

I cannot fully express the gratitude and appreciation I have for Dr. Karen Conger. She truly saved me in regards to meeting my deadlines in order to graduate. She worked nights and weekends to help me, sincerely help me! She called and emailed with updates throughout the process and has even kept in touch after the fact! She is an EXPERT in data analysis and I am forever thankful for her! She went over and beyond to make sure I understood the process of my data analysis, as well as how to interpret my results. I highly recommend Dr. Conger to anyone needing help with data analysis. Professional, expert, honest, and kind. She always gave me confidence when I felt unsure about the next step in my research. She was my saving grace! I could not have been any happier with your work! I hope to stay in touch!


Educator, Educational Leadership Program Director, Ed.D.

WOW! It looks like a beautiful and excellently done job! Thank you again for your hard work and dedication. I feel confident in writing now on my findings!


Educational Leadership Program Assistant Director, Ed.D.

This is amazing! A deadline was looming for me. Thank you for all your assistance and the timeliness of your work.


Corporate Director, Hospital and Health Care, Business Management Doctorate

Karen was a blessing in disguise who mentored me in utilizing NVivo software to complete my doctoral research. We worked together over the phone in an academic manner so that I would have every advantage to realize success in my research outcome. I have recommended her to numerous learners and cohorts. Thanks to her excellent instructional skills and support, I was able to utilize the NVivo software to organize, code, develop categories, subcategories and finally themes for my qualitative dissertation in a fairly short amount of time. Considering I had 28 interview transcripts to evaluate and code, the task would have been extremely difficult to manage through manual efforts alone. After now completing chapter 4 & 5 of my dissertation, I realize the value of having a subject matter expert (SME) such as Dr. Karen to guide me through the nuances of such a sophisticated, yet wonderful program such as NVivo.


Professor, School of Business, Ph.D.

Karen was a blessing in disguise who mentored me in utilizing NVivo software to complete my doctoral research. We worked together over the phone in an academic manner so that I would have every advantage to realize success in my research outcome. I have recommended her to numerous learners and cohorts.


Secondary Science Teacher, Ed.D.

I am well pleased with the reports. You have made my dissertation life so much simpler.


Project Manager, Fortune 500 company, Ph.D.

Dr. Conger is an excellent resource for qualitative research analysis. Her expertise and dedication is evident when she explains the process of qualitative studies. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Conger as a contact when working on my dissertation, and already recommended her to others in need of exceptional analytical assistance. I anticipate recommending Dr. Conger for years to come.


Professor, Instructional Design & Technology, Ed.D.

Karen has provided consistently rapid and accurate service whenever I contact her. Not only has she taken the time to make sure we are equipped with what we need, just today she provided me with much-needed assistance that, in the short-term, didn't generate revenue for her. Undoubtedly, I'll continue to send business her way whenever possible. Thank you, Karen!


Assistant Professor, Education and Professional Studies, Ph.D.

Your gateway (to final completion) has been a lifesaver!!


Educator, Educational Leadership and Supervision, Ed.D.

I will be recommending your company to colleagues. This has been an incredible support.


Marilyn K. Simon, Ph.D., Dissertation Chair, Walden University  (updated 2024)

I had the honor to be the chair of Karen's dissertation committee at Walden University. Her dissertation won several accolades. During her own research she became an expert in qualitative analyses. I am delighted that Karen and I have remained in contact. I recommend Dr. Conger to all researchers who wish a superb qualitative software coach. Karen is one of the world's experts in qualitative analyses and is fluent in NVivo. Every student I have referred that has used her services raves about the results and the professionalism that Karen brings to the process. She is a true teacher so those who do use her service are able to defend their work and totally understand the why, what, and how, of their analyses. I offer Karen my highest recommendation.


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