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     Karen I. Conger, PhD  

Qualitative Research Consultant

and NVivo Software Specialist

Making Sense of Your Data

Qualitative Coding and Analysis - Qualitative Consultation - NVivo Software Training

  • Supporting advanced level researchers, e.g., professional corporate and self-employed qualitative researchers, university and college faculty, and doctoral candidates completing studies with qualitative methodologies.

  • Providing advanced level scholarly work in multiple disciplines for academic and research professionals at all levels of experience and industry backgrounds.


  • Customizing one-on-one or at team levels to accelerate analytical support and meet deadlines.

  • Inspiring, motivating and guiding graduate level students on a one-to-one level to enable each student to move forward from the ABD (all but dissertation) stage. 


  • Updated experience from 25+ years as owner/consultant for qualitative research and having served on dissertation committees in various qualitative methodologies in the doctoral level education programs at The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Academic integrity supported by referrals from professors, former clients, and graduate committee chairs and members, who recognize, expect, and trust in the integrity and confidentiality required of this type of scholarly support.        

About Dr. Conger


Support for doctoral level students and research professionals at all levels of experience and industry backgrounds. 

Karen I. Conger, PhD

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